BotBrew for Android

BotBrew is an alternative package manager for rooted Android devices, including phones, tablets, and media players. BotBrew distributes software that are not "apps" through decentralized repositories, while providing a unified interface. BotBrew currently works with ARM-based Android devices (which most are).

For a usage guide, please see the manual.


BotBrew is available on Google Play. If you don't have access to Google Play, here's the latest BotBrew.apk for direct installation.


  • Turn your Android device into a lightweight Linux workstation.
  • Install programs and scripts from community developers.
  • Manage your software packages using an easy interface.


  • Use a powerful package management system based on Opkg.
  • Build on a foundation of common *nix tools.
  • Submit your work to our repositories, or run your own.

Learn More

  • BotBrew Manual
    Use BotBrew like a boss, and see what devices and ROM's have been tested to work with BotBrew.
  • IRC Channel
    Chat with us at #botbrew on Freenode.
  • Discussion Thread
    Talk to us on xda-developers forums.
  • Build Tools
    Find out how to build common software from source using the NDK.
  • @inportb
    Hit us up on Twitter if you have questions, comments, feature requests, or bug reports.